Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Saturday Morning. Before the sale!

Buzz, Buzz, the alarm clock goes off at 4:30am Saturday morning. A sleepy body emerges from bed, the anticipation begins. What will we find? Antiques, toys, primitives, an old railroad tool? According to a reader pool on the Pittsburgh website, , many people are just looking for items to sell on Ebay or in antique and/or collectible store. After getting dressed for the weather, sometimes people spend up to an hour in line is sub freezing temperatures, just as these hardy souls are doing. After gathering up the list of sales, times and locations, the plan is made and off we go. The first stop is usually a 7-11 or other convenience store for that first cup of coffee. Once arriving at the sale and taking a place in line the conversation is typically centered on the interests and stories of others standing nearby. There is someone looking for tools, another man deals only in records and music. On and on the chatter goes in pockets along the line, which by this time is growing longer and longer. Sometimes the phone rings and the caller is announcing an exciting and unexpected sale at another location. Most of those in line however will hold their spots but if the other sale is nearby, many run for their car heading that way. Those remaining will return to the conversation and the person next to you will start off with a story of a great find, something recent, and of epic proportions. In their mind it is a ROADSHOW Item! Just as they are about to get to the climax of this tale, the door opens and all is forgotten as those waiting rush in ........

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